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Press Release

3D CASES™ announces launch of new website

3D CASES™ website, www.3dcases.com went live this Christmas morning Thursday December 25th, 2013.

3D CASES™ aims to be the place to find the newest 3D cases designs for all of your smart devices, made by top notch designers and with 3D printing in mind.

Silver Spring, MD, 12-25-2013 - 3D CASES™, today launched their new website www.3dcases.com. With an easy to remember name that is to the point, 3D CASES™ plans to be 3D printing enthusiast's one stop shop for their entire 3D printable phone case needs. Users will be able to purchase and download their favorite phone case designs from their favorite designers and print them right at home on their 3D printers or they can send them to a service bureau of their choice.

Now designers from all walks of life will be able to upload their designs on 3DCASES.com and sell or give away their designs for free! And with the incentive to sell, the quality and creativity for the coolest and best designs will only improve giving consumers better designs to choose from.

3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing, is set to revolutionize the way everything is made, giving businesses and consumers unprecedented new ways to prototype and create. Goldman Sachs notes that the 3D Printing Industry is currently a $2.2 billion market, and that its revenues will reach a whopping $10.8 billion by 2021!

Milton Hernandez, founder of 3D CASES™ says "3D printing will touch every industry there exists, just like personal computers did!"

About 3D CASES™

Having read about 3D printers years ago and seeing their immense business potential, Milton Hernandez founded 3D CASES™ in 2013, in Silver Spring, Maryland. With over ten years in Automotive and Retail sales, Milton understands the importance of customer satisfaction and great product experience and plans to apply that in 3D CASES™ going forward. For more information, please visit www.3dcases.com.

Contact Information:


P.O. Box 7801

Hyattsville, MD 20787