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Perspective- A Reference Source To The Year 2020
by P.s. Rothbein

See the game changers and the world of tomorrow, Today!


 Perspective’s mission is to sparkle your imagination about how today’s events will impact the future.  

In 2017 people are dressing more creatively as a result of Etsy?  Electric skateboards at the next 2018 X-Games?  Will the CIA use Google Glasses?  Will Google Glasses have apps offering X-Ray vision, microscopic vision, telescopic vision, and facial recognition.  Stories about big companies embracing corporate crowdfunding?  Virtual Reality will be re-branded as a Vicarious Reality.  Imagine a world where almost every teenager downloads fashion and prints from their own home. It is beginning today with 3D CASES.  See the stories about 3D printing changing the economy, changing manufacturing, and creating a new breed of crime.  

Be In the Know About Game Changers and Possibilities In:

  • Economics and Business  
  • Film and Entertainment 
  • Geo-Political 
  • Fashion and Beauty 
  • Pop Culture 
  • Politics
  • Environment 
  • Music 
  • Nano 
  • 3D Printing 

If you want free information about what might be headed in the future than you get what you pay for.  Reading in the same format as you are familiar with whether it be a blog, forum, journal, or newspaper. 

But if you want a new form of storytelling that you are not familiar with, presenting future news as if it has happened today.  While seeing a perspective on how the current news will play out in the near future.  Than that is why you should support Perspective.  


Perspective 2020 Almanac of Everything: A Decade In Review 

This won't turn you into a 21st century Nostradamus.  Yet, this book is the closest thing.  Rather than indulging in fantasy, the Almanac will be a home for science fiction in the truest sense – stories that are well within the realm of possibility.  

It will take prediction made by author from sources like Wired, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and the Future Agenda http://www.futureagenda.org/.  It will also take announcements of big projects in development and write a story about it as if taking place.  Example, Google's announcing their driverless car.  Example will be "New Startup Business To Offer Travel Deals on Long Distance Driverless Car Packages As Alternative To Flying."  "Uber Drivers and Taxi Drivers Unite Against Driverless Cars" to "Carpooling Boom in America Helps Lower Gas Prices."  

Stories will be very short.  Perspective's mission is not to change your mind about the possibilities about the future.  Perspective mission is to encourage you to be more curious about possibilities you never thought could happen in the future.


A list of terms in the publication reflective of our possible future.  

Eco-nomics-  the analysis of the environmental effects of sharing economy (example:  Airbnb, Uber), the need to save protect natural resources, and other environmental programs and the controversy over the economic impact.

Vicarious Reality-  how virtual reality and live games are becoming more than a recreation tool but as a tool to simulate experiences.  In addition, to virtual reality devices being used for 4D films, exercise, education.

Corporate Crowdfunding-  Big companies using crowdfunding for PR stunts or as a way to raise capital for projects.

Labriculture-  food including meat being manufactured and produced inside a labratory.

High Altitude Energy-  Solar energy and wind energy that receive leverage by absorbing energy at high altitudes.

No-Tronic Music-  A form of hardcore punk rock that is anti-establishment, anti-technology, that uses only acoustical instruments and everything is sung A cappella.

Weapons of Mass Production-  3D printing used for illicit purposes.

Crowdsourced Predictions:

There will be a special section in the back called Crowdsourced Predictions:  This is a microcosm of various predictions people have submitted that they would like to be made public.  This way everyone has the opportunity to express their outlook in the future.  While allowing readers to understand these predictions are not necessarily based on any research.  Yet, readers understand a variety of opinions and hopes among the general public has about the future.

The Perspective 2020 Directory of Everything

This will also serve as a showcase of blue sky ideas from actual businesses, organizations, and individuals.


Source: www.kickstarter.com/projects/195083833/perspective-a-reference-source-to-the-year-2020?ref=hero_thanks




3D Printable Phone Bling From the Comfort of Home
by Todd Halterman

December 31, 2013

Christmas is over, but you may want to reward yourself for all the time you spent battling crowds at the mall.

And 3D Cases has just what Santa failed to deliver down your chimney.

Billing the site as the place to find "the newest 3D phone case designs for all of your smart devices, made by top notch designers and with 3D printing in mind," you can get your gift without taking off your slippers or donning that horrible new Christmas tie you got from Aunt Edna.

Based in Silver Spring, MD, 3D Cases launched their website, www.3dcases.com, to become the 3D printing enthusiast's one stop shop for 3D printable phone case designs.

A visit to the site will let you purchase and download your favorite phone case design and print it from the comfort of home on your 3D printer.

Don't have a 3D printer, no worry there, just send the file to a service bureau for output and sit back safe in the knowledge that your bling is on the way.

And if you happen to be a designer, the site is configured to let you upload your designs, and you can choose to sell – or give them away free.

Whichever moniker you choose, 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing, the technology is already revolutionizing the way consumer goods are made. According to such money-watchers as Goldman Sachs, the 3D printing industry as a whole is currently a $2.2 billion market, and the company expects 3D printing revenues will reach the $10.8 billion mark by 2021.

"3D printing will touch every industry," said Milton Hernandez, founder of 3D Cases. "Just like personal computers once did."

Having discovered 3D printing technology years ago, Hernandez says he immediately saw the immense business potential, and that led him to found 3D Cases in 2013. While holding down a day job in retail sales, Hernandez says his ten years in the automotive and retail markets gave him a clear understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction and offering a great product, so expect your shopping experience to mirror that understanding.

Source: http://www.3dprinterworld.com/article/3d-printable-phone-bling-from-comfort-home