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Reasons why you need a 3D printer

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    When early computers first came out, many people couldn't imagine using them for more than typing up documents at work. But as time passed and computers became more advanced, they turned into "the personal computer" and people began taking them home with them. This led to an increase in their overall productivity. Although 3D printing has existed for over 30 years, it is just beginning to go mainstream. And just like car buyers don't purchase a car without first seeing and driving it, people need to see and experience 3D printing up close and personal. One of the ways is by visiting one of the many maker faires held every year in a city near you. Another way is for you to purchase a 3D printer and experience firsthand what it's like to print a real physical object out of thin air. Below are some of the reasons that come to mind for purchasing a 3D printer.


     Successful businesses and entrepreneurs know that to stay in business you need to evolve with your customers and keep up with the trends. Just as businesses have expanded to include digital advertising they too will incorporate 3D printing to their existing products and services. For businesses selling tangible products, this technology will help them save money and time on prototypes. And if you sell services, there's going to be ways for you to incorporate this with your existing business model. What if instead of handing out a business card, you hand out a figurine of your company logo? How likely would a customer be to lose this figurine compared to just another business card? Not likely.


     Introducing kids to computers at an early age is important, and so should be introducing them to 3D printing. Having them realize that anything they can imagine, they can print, will expand their creativity even further. Studies have shown that you should encourage creativity in kids. Creative types do great at problem solving. Buy your kids a 3D printer and make it a learning experience for you and them!


     From prosthetic limbs to custom tools, having a professional 3D printer or printing bureau you can visit will make it easier for you to get products tailored to your needs. There are stories of people successfully using 3D printing technology to print custom prosthesis. There’s no rule in the book that says you can’t download your own custom tools as long as they are certified by a professional.


     Whether you are a painter, sculptor, or a graphics designer, the creativity you possess can easily be carried over to the world of additive manufacturing. Anything you can draw up on a computer, you can create on a 3D printer. It is for that reason that people who already work in creative fields should look into designing for 3D printing. Their infinite creativity will help them design new product ideas and also help them tackle new challenges that may come up in the process.


     When it comes to building your own 3D printer, who better than a trained professional with a degree in engineering? RepRaps are open sourced designs for 3D printers. There are many RepRap kits available online that you can purchase and assemble on your spare time and save as much as 50% of the cost from buying one that’s already assembled! Plus you may end up creating an even better 3D printer and next thing you know you'll be in business selling new and improved 3D printers.


     If the only reason you can come up with for buying a 3D printer is so that you can download and print 3D cases for your phones and tablets than that too will suffice :) Keep in mind that there are already thousands of designs online for free or purchase so there's a lot you can download and print.

     The advantages to owning a 3D printer now and the know-how you will get from using one will better prepare you for a future in which printing anything on demand will be the norm. Go out there, buy a 3D printer, and then come back to www.3dcases.com to download all the latest 3D designs!

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