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President Obama Speaks on Manufacturing Innovation

Listen to President Obama speak on 3D printing and his announcement on a new innovation hub for digital manufacturing in Chicago, Illinois.

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Reasons why you need a 3D printer

    When early computers first came out, many people couldn't imagine using them for more than typing up documents at work. But as time passed and computers became more advanced, they turned into "the personal computer" and people began taking them home with them. This led to an increase in their overall productivity. Although 3D printing has existed for [...]

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3D CASES and 3D printing in the next few years

by Milton Hernandez  Posted on Jan 24th 2014       3D CASES has been in the works for over a year now. As the adoption of 3D printers in the work place and at home continues, more and more people will realize some of the magnificent opportunities that this technology has to offer.       Now small to [...]

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