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3D CASES and 3D printing in the next few years


by Milton Hernandez 

Posted on Jan 24th 2014

      3D CASES has been in the works for over a year now. As the adoption of 3D printers in the work place and at home continues, more and more people will realize some of the magnificent opportunities that this technology has to offer.

      Now small to large businesses can utilize this tool to quickly create prototypes for new product designs and new inventions. They can create countless iterations of something and tweak its design until they are satisfied with the product. All of this can now be done in days instead of weeks and months, saving money, time, and resources to both small and large businesses alike.

      With consumer 3D printers, easy access to cheap manufacturing is now available to anyone who can afford to buy or build one of these machines. Students, teachers, artists, kids, and tinkerers are now able to draw up their ideas on their computer screens and then see them come to life with the click of a button on a 3D printer. Today people are waking up in a world where only until recently, something that was impossible to manufacture is now a reality with additive manufacturing.

      Kids, teenagers, adults, and the elderly can all benefit from this wonderful technology. Kids can print toys, figurines, and toy cars. Teenagers can download digital 3D phone case designs for their phones or tablets from www.3dcases.com and print them at home 24/7 anywhere in the world. Women can print jewelry or accessories for the office all with the click of a button. Men can print parts for things around the house, even if they don't need any fixing ;) And the elderly can have a say in the design process on anything they want to print and use instead of the usual "one size fits all" off-the-shelf products that don't work the same for everyone.

      The future is now, and 3D CASES is excited to be here and be a part of this industrial revolution. And as more content goes up online, you'll be able to choose your favorite 3D phone case designs and then simply have them printed. Sign up now at www.3dcases.com to download your 3D phone case design!